- Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio Rivers to Green Turtle Bay-
September 11, 2011 to October 10, 2011

Below are links to Google Maps of our location, links to marinas if applicable, and links to Kem's blog. Most recent event on top.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Houston Chronicle reworked their website (www.Chron.com) and not all the links are functioning yet. Kem is working to recreate two years of blogs and repost them on our website here.

Places we've been along the way and tentative plans We have no schedule and we're sticking to it.

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Green Turtle Bay Marina

GRAND RIVERS, KY 10/10/2011 View the Post. Excerpt: "Six Degrees of Separation – yes, it’s true, Kevin Bacon, and it happened with us. We met (soon to be) Federal Judge, Alan and his wife, Doris, here at GTB, through a long-time Houston friend, Bill (better known to them as Bubby). Thanks to their great Kentucky hospitality, Alan invited us to join them for an Italian dinner and party on their Pier 6. It was so much fun and more Italian food than I’ve ever seen before – the folks on that dock really know how to party!"

BUDDY BOATS View the Post. Excerpt: "Since we arrived here in Green Turtle Bay, we have gotten used to watching from our aft deck the early morning departures of Looper boats moving on down (or up) the rivers to explore new territories and experience new adventures. It’s always a little sad to see them go, but we know we will meet up with them again along the way, and share the new stories and exploits – that’s what’s it all about."

GOLD BURGEE CELEBRATION(S) View the post. Excerpt: "After a good scrub-down, Spirit Dancer got “re-dressed.” Down with the old, up with the new - she now proudly displays her AGLCA Gold Burgee on her bow."

CROSSING OUR WAKE View the Post. Excerpt: "Well we actually did it! We have been living the Great Looper dream aboard Spirit Dancer for the last 2 years, five months and 1 day. Don’t get a headache doing the math of approximately 8,000 miles (including side trip to Bahamas) at 8 miles an hour!"



Little Chain Bar - Anchorage  



Little Diversion Channel - Anchorage

SUPERMAX View the post. Excerpt: "You’ve heard the term, supersizing? Well, we are SuperMax-ing our way down the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. I admit, I did give Bob a hard time when he ordered such a big anchor (a SuperMax) – my mistake! It has literally been a life-saver and a sleep enabler in these high river currents. For our first anchor destination, Little Diversion Channel, we set out on a clear day, soon to be shrouded in fog and off-and-on rain."



Hoppies Marine Services - Barges

KIMMSWICK AND THE MILE HIGH PIE View the Post. Excerpt: "Many of you Loopers think that stopping at Hoppies is the destination, but have I got news for you! The town of Kimmswick, founded in 1875, is right up the hill and a visit is well worth the short walk. Mark & Terri, and Bob & I, hiked up and were not disappointed."

HOPPIES, THE LEGEND LIVES ON View the Post. Excerpt: "As we said our goodbyes to Robert and Patty (best Harbor Hosts ever!) and pulled away from Alton, we looked forward to our upcoming adventure navigating the Mighty (muddy) Mississippi..."



Alton Marina

FALL EQUINOX View the Post. Excerpt: "Thursday was the last day of summer 2011, and that means another fall (or autumnal) equinox is here. But what is the autumnal equinox? Most people don't quite know, so let me share the following info with you. Equinoxes fall on the halfway point between solstices and occur, according to the Washington Post, "when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are of roughly equal length, everywhere in the world."



Grafton, IL Grafton Harbor Marina

READY OR NOT… View the Post. Excerpt: "Since September 10, we’ve traveled the Illinois River south from Chicago, spent a few days catching up on business and boat chores, and now, ready or not, here we come Mighty Muddy Mississippi. Each place we have stopped on the Illinois has its very own personality and story – I won’t make this long, but will just hit the highlights and bring you up to date.

MERCY, MERCY View the Post. Excerpt: "I attended a Mercy School of Nursing in Fort Scott, Kansas – yes, a lifetime ago – and have kept in touch with many of the nurses I went to school with and many of the Sisters of Mercy who administered the school, the hospital, taught our classroom sessions and oversaw our clinical experiences. It is always a great event when some of us are able to get together and an even better time when we are close enough to visit the Sisters at their home in Frontenac near St. Louis, MO."



Hardin, IL Illinois Riverdock Restaurant (yellow docks)  



Havana, IL Snicarte Anchorage  



Rome, IL Hamm's Holiday Harbor

TOWS RULE View the Blog. Excerpt: "Let’s catch up… While crossing the Great Lakes, we were mostly concerned with winds and waves, and whether or not we would “brave the day” on the water or stay safe at dockside. Along the Illinois River (and soon the Mississippi), it’s all about the towboats and barges, and the locks we all share. Yes, new and different priorities on our radar screen of “WOW, look at that!”



Ottawa, IL Heritage Harbor CARPE DIEM View the Post. Excerpt: " A lot has happened since our last blog, but before I catch you up, I promised more info on the Electric Fish Barrier for the Flying Asian Carp. So in this case, it’s not “seize the day” but “seize the carp.” The following technical information about the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal dispersal barrier is provided by Dr. Phil Moy, Fisheries & Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist."



Joliet - On the wall

CAL SAG - WHAT A DAY! View the Post. Excerpt: "Well, this certainly has been a different kind of day! We are used to being on large bodies of water, high wind and waves. This was a beautiful blue sky day on a narrow body of water with tree-lined banks. Such a change, but that’s not all –"